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Spay or Neuter


10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Reduce risk of cancerEspecially in female animals who are spayed before their first heat cycle, there is a greatly reduced risk of different kinds of cancer, including breast cancer.Less likely to run away.

Fertile animals, especially males, are much more prone to roaming, while a spayed/neutered animal is more content to stay home and enjoy the company of its family.Reduced risk of biting

Surgical sterilization reduces all forms or aggressive behavior in both male and female animals and greatly reduces the chance that your pet will bite you or someone else.Less fighting with other animals

Along with the reduced risk of biting, a sterilized animal is much more likely to live peacefully with other animals.Increased life expectancy

A number of studies have shown that sterilized animals live longer than fertile animals, and that they have fewer medical problems of all kinds.Less expensive to maintain

In addition to requiring less veterinary care, animals that have been spayed or neutered eat less than fertile ones. Over the course of their lives, the reduced veterinary and food costs will more than cover the costs of the surgery.Reduced chances of marking or spraying

Spayed or neutered animals are much less likely to spray or mark inside your home than a fertile dog.Less mounting behavior

Male and female dogs that are spayed/neutered are not as likely to mount the legs of your house guests.Less risk of blood stains in your home

During their regular cycle, usually 2 times a year, fertile females can discharge a fair amount of blood. Having them spayed eliminates this concern.Less Likely to be given up

According to a study conducted by the National Council on Pet Population, a fertile animal is much more likely to be abandoned, surrendered to a shelter or given away, probably because a sterilized pet is a happier and better adjusted animal. 

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