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Fairytailpuppies Happy Buyers Review


Kyara with her new family now a year and a half ago in this picture. 7/21/17 update today 

She's doing fantastic!   We are so in love with her.  She's perfection really.  Everything we wanted in a Pug.  She gets along great with the other dogs.  

Hi Sandra, 11/03/2016 NORTH CAROLINA

I have attached the sheet the vet gave me. Just like with Winston, the vet was impressed by how well proportioned Mel is. She said he looked good and everything checked out. He's been a ball of energy since I took him out of the crate yesterday. I was a little apprehensive about getting another male but Winston and Mel (still working on a name for him) have taken to each other and it has been non stop playing. I have also attached a few pictures. 
Pic - Winston and MeL

Thank you for so much for this little bundle of joy that you brought to our family.  I've had Mario for lesson 24 hours and as you can see by the video he is so well-adjusted (that has everything to do with the breeder ).  He has already made his first potty outside and I can't be more happy.  Thank you Sandra, for everything ....all of your updates along the way and for following up to make sure Mario arrived (when we were so excited we forgot to text you).  This is the best breeder and all of my family and friends who are dog owners agree that this is one well-adjusted puppy.  We love fairytale puppies! Anne 3/16/2016


From: Matthew 
Date: 2/14/2016 5:20 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: Sandra Fairytailpuppies <>

Hello Mrs. Sandra,

 We renamed Doug BingBong! We took him for his vet visit yesterday morning. Enclosed in the email is the info from his vet for the warranty. BingBong is doing awesome! The vet said that she had never seen a pug so well proportioned, perfect eyes facing forward, a double curl tail, and nostrils big enough to breathe well. She said he must have had an excellent breeder!!! So we are definitely proud of that! BingBong is adjusting well, and is doing amazing with potty training outside. ( so far no accidents!!! ) He seen his first snow today, he absolutely loved it! But mostly the warm cuddling aftermath of it!!! Thank you for such an amazing dog! I've only dealt with one other breeder in my time and I cant say as many positive things about that one that I can about you. 

Text received today from Ari Guevara from Laredo, TX   2/13/16

Hi Sandra i just wanted to say thank you for selling me Tweak he is officially 1 year today and he is doing great! We cannot express what this little bundle of joy does for my family. People always ask how we have such a great family member and we always say Fairytail Puppies made our fairytale come true. Hope you're doing well and thanks again. ‪#‎Happy‬ Birthday Tweak

Email: just received! Ruby female pug left today to be with her new momma in California.
I just picked up Ruby and we are literally over the moon in love with her. Shes tiny, adorable, and everything we could have asked for. I've maybe only been with her an hour now and am amzed at how socialized she is. She is absolutely perfect in everyway and I want to say thank you very much for bringing up such an amzing little dog.
Hana 1/5/16

Text I receive today 10/8/15

of one of our baby's who is in Arkansas and is almost going to be 1 year old.

He is healthy! 
I don't over feed him because I don't want him to become obese and have issues.
The vet says his nasal passages are fully developed which is something not all pugs have the privilege to have
So I'm happy!
He also knows to "come here" shake, lay down and give five 
So that's good too 

smile emoticon

Email: received today 9/12/15

Hi Sandra:

I know it has been quite a while since I contacted you but let you know that Count and Chance are now over 7 years old and doing great!!
i tell people I know that your puppies are really the best, I truly have never seen dogs as well behaved and as sweet as yours.!!

From what I have seen that is a fact!
My Wife Laura just looked at Count and Chance and lamented the fact that they will never have any more cousins as she said.
Please do reconsider breeding Chihuahuas, you are simply the best breeder of these dogs in the world.
Take care,

David G Ellenberg

Text receive: 9/17/2015
Hi Sandra! Just wanted to say thank you again for this precious puppy "Odis"
He fit right in and is very happy! You breed beautiful Pugs. Lynn from Texas

Update! Our puppy who flew Friday to Rhode Island❤😍

 feeling wonderful. 6/19/15

I want to Thank you so much for a precious little puppy ! He is a sweetheart ! We had no issues picking him at the cargo facility. You and your family did a super job with Tiger. Thank you again !     Carlene Magsig 3/31/15

 baby pug we flew today to Atlanta,Georgia has arrived well. 3/26/15 —

3/26/15 Congratulations! Macy on your early college graduation present baby pug(decker).

Carol from Kansas bought me first the Black pug and then a month later contacted me to get another one. Fawn pug(Sofia) was shipped to her yesterday and baby pug arrive well last night 3/26/15 — feeling blesse

Omar (brindle Pug) went to Tennessee 2/25/15

All three babies went to Lisa in Dallas, Tx updated pictures below!


My sweet baby Nova is the big 2 today!! 
I fell in love with this little girl before I ever held her in my arms. 
So thankful I got blessed with her. 
She gives me more love than ever before-every single day!🎊🍥🎂🍬🍭

CURRENT WEIGHT 3.5 POUNDS — with Sandra Fairytailpuppies. FROM OKLAHOMA 

Hi Sandra, 10/27/14

Actually, I was curious if your pug puppies would be available soon?  And if you could, tell me the cost of the pug puppies and the Chihuahua pups?  Based on just your website Sandra I think you are doing an excellent job and it is nice to see.  All too often you get these fly by night people that just want to make a quick buck.  You should be proud of what you do.  Thank you for doing your homework and taking good care of all of your “little ones” and your husband and children too!!Dawn   Dawn M. Gutierrez Corpus Christi Liquefaction LLC Cheniere Energy, Inc. – Bechtel Building 3040 Post Oak 9th Floor, Houston, Texas 77056

Text received today from one of our buyers puppy who flew this weekend to Philadelphia! 
*She has made herself quite at home Love her to pieces THANK YOU again so much for being such a greAt breeder



Thanks to Erika Villanueva with Ringlin Brothers Circus on your purchase of a chihuahua and a pug from Fairytailpuppies. Thanks for allowing them to be part of your family sure know your kids will enjoy them as much as we did here.

Hi, 6/3/14
I was wondering about the puppy you listed as Ringo. Could you please give me some additional information about him?
Attached is a photo of the puppy I purchased from you about three years ago, Tarzan. We renamed Tarzan to Chico. He is such an awesome dog, we couldn’t be happier with him. He is healthy, smart (a little too smart at times) and very social.
When we decided that it might be time to expand the family I surfed to your website and saw Ringo. We are very interested and since I have met you in person (we drove in from Houston) I would be very excited to purchase from you again.
Thank you very much,


Sandra, 3/19/14

I just wanted to tell you how happy the last week has been at my house since Honey and Paco arrived.  I know that you thought I had more questions than any prospective owner could have had but you were always right there to answer it and help me understand – and this was even before I brought these two darlings home and I know you are still right there for me.  You know I read and reread the information on your website so that I was ready when they arrived.  I was so excited to see you and your husband bring them Honey and Paco into my/our home.  I was worried that Honey and Paco might cry for other puppies the first couple of nights but they did not they were happy as could be.  They have eaten really well and we have had very few accidents of them not going on the wee wee pads. That makes me really happy.  I laughed when we went to the doc for their first checkup.  While Paco looks bigger they both weigh the same 1lb 4oz.  Paco tries to make Honey move by pushing her out of the way with his bottom but she is just as feisty as can be and she pushes right back.  You know that before I made the commitment I went on your site almost every day.  It wasn’t the money because I do know that you get what you pay for but I called it “happy hour with the pictures”.  No matter how bad my day was all your precious puppies made the day seem so much better.  I mentioned money earlier.  Well, you do get what you pay for and when you buy a puppy from Sandra and Alex you get a puppy that has been raised around family so they are already socialized, they are wee wee pad trained (for a puppy) and that is so easy to continue and you get a puppy that will cuddle with you not run and hide.  You can find a puppy for a lot less money but they have been raised in a cage with little or no human contact. That should not be allowed.  I have two Sphinx cats and I didn’t know how they would do but the youngest cat just sits at the end of where Honey and Paco sleep and wait for them to get up from their nap so they can run through the house and play again and again and again.  What a joy for me every day of my life.  If you are considering a new puppy go visit Sandra.  If you can’t visit, look at the pictures and videos and spend some time on the phone with her.  Once you have gotten to know her you will understand how she raises her puppies to be a part of the family.  I am not very good at pictures so I am just sending this one for now but there will be more to come.

Sandra and Alex – Thank you for helping to complete my family.  And Sandra thanks for all the time you spent on the phone with me.  Sometimes it was about puppies and sometimes about family.  You are a wonderful lady.

Lizann Belton, Tx 3/19/14

My husband and are absolutely thrilled with our happy and healthy little black pug, Bailey.  I had always said I would not purchase and ship a pug puppy as I had heard so many horror stories, but then I saw Bailey on Fairytail Puppies and my heart melted.  I reached out to Sandra Franco and she was able to calm all my fears.  Sandra guided us through every step of the buying and shipping process.  She was always available to answer my questions and sent updates and pictures of our little baby on a regular basis.   At Bailey's first health checkup, our vet stated that she could tell Bailey had been well socialized by her breeder, a compliment to Sandra and her committment to raising puppies in a loving environment.  We simply adore our little Bailey and look forward to a lifetime of love and warm cuddles.

 Jill from New Jersey 3/2/14

Email: I just received, love it!!
Hi Sandra!!

I just wanted to write with an update on Carlie. She turned 1 on December 16th and is ready for Christmas. She is the smartest & sweetest chihuahua that there has ever been. I get complim...ents every time we go out (which is often) on what a well behaved and friendly little girl she is. She knows commands for sit, shake, up, down, turn, and dance! She's the picture of health and has grown to a "whopping" 3lb 15oz! She's absolutely perfect and I just wanted to send some current photos and thank you again for raising such a sweet little princess! She came to work with me today and comes along on days that I don't have Court appearances or client appointments

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Christine M. Palmer
Attorney at Law 12/2013

Happy Family From Houston, Tx

The Schreiber Family


I just wanted to write you and tell you how happy I am with "Blue Boots".. who we now call "Coupe".

He is an amazing dog, so outgoing and friendly to everyone, particularly children. I'm sure it has to do with your family and how you socialize your puppies at a young age.

I have another chi from another breeder (who is a year older than Coupe) who is not as outgoing.

My vet says that Coupe has avoided all of typical chi issues.... He has great teeth, great knees and eye all due to his great breeding. He has the shiniest coat of all of our dogs and will happily go for a few mile run with me. He is our "forever puppy".

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him and thank you. I tell everyone who is interested in a chi about Fairy Tail Puppies.

Best Regards, 6/30/13
Trish Husted


Hello, I am using my mother's email to contact the breeder with a letter of gratitude for raising such a wonderful puppy. Thank you Sandra for raising such an awesome puppy. He is perfect in every way. He is loving and playful. He is smart. He was leashed trained in one hour. He was housebroken in less than 1/2 a day to want to go out and do his business in the back yard. He gets along great with my Mom's chihuahua. ( Although his razor sharp puppy teeth annoy the older dog and he will go hide behind the sofa to afford being pestered ) I am sure my mother has told you that I just graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Wesleyan College 2013. My parents asked what I wanted as a gift to celebrate ( trip to Europe to see art museums, new car, what would make me as happy as they were as proud of me ) I told them I wanted a chihuahua that looked just like my boxer named Duke that I had when I was little. I enclosed an old photo of me with Duke and my Dad. I said I wanted the chihuahua to be fawn with black snout and white paws. I wanted him to have a playful personality so he would compliment our existing chihuahua as good company when my mother and I are at off exhibiting at our art shows. I did not think she would be able to find one. She started looking in September '12 at the start of my senior year college because she knew it was a very specific request and an almost impossible task. With my birthday closing in this past March, my mother was seemingly almost defeated with all her inquiries to finding the "perfect present" for me whom she calls her "perfect son".  Just days after a puppy named Boots was born in Texas at the Franco ranch and posted on your website, my mother found him through a google web image search for "fawn male chihuahua puppy with black and white markings". Instantly, she brought it to my attention and asked if that was what I wanted. We fell in love at first sight. There were some snags with him making connecting flights to get here, but he was no worse for the wear. He was given a perfect bill of health at the vet and has been fitting in nicely with the whole family. I could not be more happy. He is the perfect present.

Sincerely, 5/23/13

Robert A. Ramirez, II
Virginia Beach, Va

We were devastated when we lost our 10 year old Shadow (a black pug) to cancer. We started looking in the paper and online for a new puppy immediately. We found Miley (Megan) and fell in love. However, we live in Maryland and she was in Texas. And we were very weary about buying a puppy we had never met, not to mention shipping a puppy. We e-mailed Sandra for more information. She responded almost immediately. And she was very informative. We also spoke with her on the phone to get a good feel for who she was. You could tell she loved her job and her puppies very much. And she was very eager to answer any questions that we had. She sent us many pictures and videos of our Miley. She held our hand all the way through the process. Having never done this before, we were nervous heading to the airport for the pickup, but everything was seamless. From the first time I peeked into the crate, it was love at first sight. She was beautiful! She was spunky and just full of personality. We absolutely adore her and cannot wait to spend years and years to come making memories with her. Thank you Sandra for our beautiful and perfect Miley!

She is doing very well and we just love her to pieces! As I type, she is sleeping curled up on my chest. Just love our snuggly little girl!

Michele from Maryland 4/5/13

We are so happy to have come across Ice online. As soon as we saw him we knew he was the perfect puppy for us. Sandra has been so helpful with all our questions and throughout the whole process. We were so excited when time came to pick him up from the airport.  He has adjusted very well in his new home and loves his new family!

Ana from Washington


I first saw my puppy on  She was the cutest one I'd seen after looking for weeks and I just had to find out more about her. I emailed Sandra and she replied immediately.  Sandra was So helpful, she answered all of my questions, and sent me additional photos and video.  Once I convinced my Husband that we NEEDED this puppy, I contacted Sandra to set up payment and shipping.  The process went flawlessly, and my baby girl was shipped to Atlanta within a couple days!  I knew from speaking with Sandra that she truly cared and that the puppy would be well cared for & well socialized, but I couldn't believe just how great her personality was!  From the moment I opened her carrier she was licking me & wagging her tail, even after a day of flying.  I took her home & she was immediately curious & exploring, not timid at all.  She ate a full meal and - much to my surprise- walked straight over and used her papers!  Potty trained at 14 weeks!!!  It's obvious that Sandra loves her babies and is a Great Mom to them.  They will arrive pre-spoiled, trained, socialized and well loved, ready to become a member of your family!  I highly recommend Sandra & Fairytale Puppies, and I will certainly purchase from them again... as soon as I can convince my Husband that Carlie needs a little sister ;)
Christine M. Palmer
Attorney at Law
Tucker, Ga

Name:Sarah Pascua 3/4/2013
State: Mi
Comments: Hi!
I am sooo excited to see your next set of puppies! I am trying to time something for either Easter break, or the end of the school year, June. I have to tell u tho, I have been on at least 50 different sites, and u have the cutest puppies!! I come back to your site at least once a week to see what is there. Looking forward to new puppies!! Sincerely, Sarah

 Happy buyers! We love her:)

 From: Oklahoma 2/14/13

Puppy Biscuit in Winter Park, Florida with his new Mommy!!

 Happy Buyer. 2/14/13

Hi Sandra, just a note to let you know Chiquito aka Kewtip is doing wonderful!! He is very alert, potty trained, jumping and playing on floor, eats well, poops and pees when he should and in crate on puppy pads. Hes so cute, loveable and smart! I will take some picture for you this coming week and send them to you. Thanks again, Karen from CANADA! 02/7/2013

Sandra, you are a responsible, loving breeder whose passion is doing what you do - your goal is to find responsible families who understand their commitment to their new family member and to place your puppies in only the best families for them. I applaud your dedication and passion for responsible breeding and placing of your puppies. - The Witerski Family 12/17/12 from Brownsville, Tx


Hello and happy holidays! I just wanted to send you an updated photo of our Coco. (Blair) born 11/11.(she's a year old now)
She is such a beautiful dog. And such a sweetheart! Everyone loves her and more importantly, she loves everyone back! I was thinking of you today so I wanted to thank you again for my beautiful, loving baby girl.
I honestly don't know what I would do without her.
Have a wonderful holiday and we will check in again to let you know how she is doing!
I would love to have another....but we shall see. If I do, you will be the only one I call!
Terri & Coco
Scranton, Pa. 12/12/12

Juanita Hartsell Wow, what a deal! My husband and I went to Fairtailpuppies yesterday to show Sandra our little Chihuahua that we purchased from her one year ago. We were also looking to possibly getting a pal for our Bear. She has some beautiful tiny Chihuahuas in just about every color. I also got to see her cute little Pugs. I even Saw Jolene, Sandra's pet Bullie. I did not see the New Baby Bullies I will have to go back for that. This is a family business and all the puppies are held and cared for by Sandra her husband and the grandchildren. I was surprised that the puppies looked smaller in person than in their pictures. I wanted to take them all home. We wanted a older puppy to be a pal for our Bear now. We left with little Laura. Buy from someone that will let you come to their home and see how their puppies are housed and taken care of. A very happy customer.

Hi Sandra! Just an update to let you know that "Abby" (aka Scarlett (Pug) is doing remarkably well! She went for a vet checkup the other day and came back with a clean bill of health. She weighs 7 1/2 pounds now and is just gorgeous! Thank you, once again, for allowing me to provide Abby with a loving home!

Emiko 11/10/12

I'am absolutly thrilled and over the moon with your website. Its very informative and very supportive of our troops. My husband is active duty AF and we actually are looking into getting a pug puppy in a couple of yrs. I'd LOVE to get one through you. I really like all the stuff i was reading and even though it'll be awhile we are really set on getting a pug. I just wanted to send an email to just say iam very impressed.
Benita 11/6/12

Hi Sandra!
Piccolina (formerly Pandora) just celebrated her 1st Birthday!! She is a total love, fully grown at 3 pounds 3.5 ounces. I have some pictures attached for you to see her.
The greatest joy is when I take her for walks or to the store with me and everyone...EVERYONE just smiles when they see her. She wears the cutest grin all day long and prances when she walks. I adore her (as you can see in my picture) and everyone loves her who meets her. Picca is the sweetest little girl - my home is so full of life with her in it.
Joie :) 9/23/12

Hi Sandra -
It has been awhile. I just wanted to let you know that Diva Lolita had her 5 year check up yesterday. She is doing well but a bit over weight - seems I have been overfeeding her. So we are both on a diet. She still is the little clown you described as a pup and she is such a sweet heart. Just love love love her. 9/23/12

Sasha checked out a-ok at the vet on Thursday. She saw her 1st horse up and personal leaving the vet. I rounded the corner just as they were checking a horse. I don;t know who was more surprised the horse or Sasha! LOL! We love her more every day. My husband the 1st thing he does is look for her when he comes home from work. She follows him every where. His constant companion until he goes to bed!

Regards, 8/10/12
Anita & Sasha
From Oklahoma

Hi Sandra! Just want to let you know how happy I am to have "Blossom" as part of my family. When I picked her up at the Tampa Int'l Airport and saw her little face in the carrier, I could not resist and took her out and carried her to my car. She is so tiny and still fits in the palm of my hand. She is just the sweetest adorable little puppy with a great personality. Since she is still really small, I have handmade her some sweaters to wear on days when it gets cool.
I would love to take her to work with me, but my business does not allow it. She has made a trip to the vet and will be getting vaccinated sometime next week. I plan to take her on an outing on Friday so that she can get some socialization with other pets and people.
I would, in the near future, like to adopt another Chihuahua from you but will wait until "Blossom" and "Diva" are a little older. Thank you, once again, for your services!!!
Emiko from Florida
Hi SANDRA! 2/12/12
I wanted to send you a picture of Piccolina (Pandora) now about 4.5 months old and 3 pounds. She is such a cutie and has the sweetest disposition. She has a wardrobe to be very proud of (Chanel hoodies, Juicy Couture, and the most precious houndstooth carry purse.)

She comes to work with me every Friday and loves being the center of attention though she knows to stay close to mommy. Ever so spoiled, mommy has hired her a private tutor and we start classes next week. Picca will be learning her "ABC's" (sit, heal, stay) quite quickly I am sure.

Piccolina has the softest fur, loves to cuddle and someone recently told me she smells like gingerbread cookies. :) She's quite a little love and she's brought so much fun and affection to my life already.

Thank you so much!!

  Sandra,  2/5/12

Just wanted to let you know how (Blair) is doing. We have renamed her "Mademoiselle CoCo Chanel" and are calling her CoCo because of her beautiful coloring. She is just the sweetest puppy, very social and not afraid of anyone! I have been bringing her to work with me (as the picture shows-she is actually on my desk) and she gets to meet everyone who comes in the office. I'd say she is a bit spoiled already----even by the big burly truck drivers who come in our business daily! She certainly has settled in, and is a complete joy to us all! Thank you so much for her...I can tell how much she was loved by you and your family before she joined ours.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you!
I will periodically send pictures!
Have a wonderful day,
Terri and CoCo

Name: Stephanie Prewitt delete
Date: 01/07/12
Message: Such a nice experience talking with you, I love FTP is family run, and also happy to respond questions, on the webpage it says "We treat buyers as we would like to be treated" and that really shows. Honest and very respectful, thank you so much! Stephanie and the Family!

 Kenneth Cerda 12/19/11

City: Mission
State: Texas
Comments: Hi Sandra. My name is Kenny and I purchased my English Bulldog from you a while back. His name is Brewski and I found his baby picture on your website. Is there any way you can email me that picture so I can frame it, or I can also stop by to pick it up. Also, I am mailing you a Christmas card from my fiance and myself...Brewski comes out in it!

Thank you,
Kenny Cerda

P.S. He looks exactly like his Daddy Jakobi ☺

Hi Sandra, the little man is doing fine, the Vet checked him out and gave the "thumbs up". He was such a good boy at the vet and loved all the attention everyone gave him. He is holding his ears up, rode 6 hours back to Houston and loved ...the trip. He is good to go on the puppy pads, he is eating both wet and dry dog food. He loves to romp and play with his daddy. In a word he is spoiled already. However, he does know what "no" means and will be easy to train. Tell your husband and family hello from us. It shows, thank you for having us at your home. We could see all your dogs and meet Bear's mom and dad. I would caution anyone buying a dog ...if the breeder does not want you to see where their dogs are housed that should be a tip off that they are a puppies mill. Your dogs are raised in your home. That is why our little guy is do well adjusted.
Juanita Hartsell
Mcallen, Tx

Hi Sandra, 7/26/11

This is Julie Dyas – I have Cosmo (3 yrs old) and Fancy (1.5 years old) from you and I’m considering adding one (final) member to the Dyas Chihuahua family. Would you tell me if Dayna is still available and, if so, what your plans are for coming to the East Coast are? I live in Manhattan. I’ve just always wanted a tiny blue Chi and my other Chi’s from you are the light of my life!

Deborah Ann:   7/21/11 When we picked up our puppy Mahi... We had the pleasure of meeting Vanilla Ice and what a sweet little puppy. Anyone would be happy to have this little one in there home! We are loving our new energetic puppy. Her new name is Mahi!
Hello Mrs. Franco, 7/13/11

Just a little update on one of your little home creations. This is Leah (chickapea) our amazing puppy whom we adore soooo much. It's been two years since we brough her home. Attached are few of the hundredsssss of photos that we own of her, her 2nd Birthday, summer pictures, 2010 x-mas and sooo on, as you can see she is very photogenic. Once again Thank you very much!

Juan, Alma, Beethoven & Leah Escobedo from Brownsville,TX

This is him from you guys a year ago in February ...he is such a sweet love bug!! message send: 6/28/11

Hello, Sandra 6/18/11

I have been meaning to email and send pictures of my precious little baby! Colby & Melissa Armstrong purchased Precious Blue (Chihuahua) from you last year for myself as a thank you gift for designing/decorating their home in Canada. I have renamed Precious Blue to Melby… I combined the names of “Mel”issa and Col"by” together to get her name.

Melby is very spoilt, I love her to death! She is rarely left home alone as I own my own retail paint & home décor store; she comes everyday to work. She is amazing with people and loves children. She does not bark very often, which I found to be rare for Chihuahuas. Everyone loves her! Melby is much an attention seeker; she is overall a sweet Chihuahua.

I entered her into a cutest pet contest with a photographer. She won! Attached are some photos from her photo shoot she won.

Melby is always dressed in clothes, as the weather here in Saskatoon, SK, Canada is a lot chillier than in Texas. She has a better wardrobe than myself... haha.

I would like to thank you for the most amazing breeding of your Chihuahuas. If I ever decide to get a buddy for Melby it will be forsure to come from you.

Hope you enjoy seeing the photos of Melby. She is my best friend and don’t know what I ever did without her.

The 1st image is Melby when I first got her... the rest of the images are from her photoshoot.

Kind Regards,

From Deone:
Your guys are the best ever. My little tyrant is so darn adorable. You all raised her so nicely and she arrived so perfect. I spoiled her ........ could not help myself. she is too darn sweet. I love your puppies I do not know how you let them go. Really I do not. Thank you for the care and attention you give to them. They are very lovable and very precious when they arrive to their new home like they have always been there. Not at all insecure or scared. Remarkable. It is my pleasure to love them... I can not help it in



Hi Sandra!  4/12/11

I tagged a bunch of photos of the puppy (now named Daphne) I got from you a few years ago! She has brought me (and many others) so much joy! She's my little Bug ♥

Well I adopted this little one from you in 2005. I updated you a long while back. Just thought I give you a recent update. Amber is doing great! She is going to be 6 years old this year and is the most spoiled baby in the world. Love her with all my heart like if she's my child. I currently work for the animal shelter in Brownsville and looking for a friend, but she's so spoiled and don't know if i can share heart with something else other then her. Hope you enjoy the pictures (:

-Ashley 3/23/11

Hello.  Just wanted to send you some photos of Buttons (her new name)! She is such a joy.

Lamar Ratto, LBSW New Braunsfels, TX   3/17/11

Message: Sandra

 Sorry I didn't return your call. Your number was blocked in my phone and I only have the 800 number in my cell. Puppy is absolutely beautiful and he and my son are best friends already. I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful baby boy. He is just soo sweet! I'm very sorry that I was unable to meet you in person but I can tell you are a very caring person to have raised such a sweet puppy. We will keep you updated and tell all our friends about you!

Sincerest thanks Ela (Emerson-English Bulldog) Houston, TX 3/7/11

Hi Sandra, so here is our comment on Hershey.
Sandra Thank you so much for our puppy,Hershey. We kept his name because it suited him well.  When we picked him up at the ariport we was so excited and when we saw him we couldn't believe how small and adorable he really is.. he has so much energy and is such a sweet puppy. He is also well trained which we really didnt expect, we fell in love with him since we saw him. Thank you so much for the cute little blanket that kept him warm in the plane. We are so happy with him, He makes our day very excited and keeps us busy and we love it. We love him so much already thank you so much.
We will def. recommend you to our family & friends.
Thank you
Denise & Luis. 2/28/11

 I took the puppy to the vet on Friday and she checked out healthy

Thanks so much.
We named her Zoe.
She is such a sweetie. We are so in love with her!!!!
Here is a picture I took of her the other day.
2/22/11 corpus christi

Hi Sandra, Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Gracie. She is much-loved and loves much! If anyone here is looking for a top-notch breeder...this is the one. I have been to her facility and this is no puppy mill. It is a well-run "nursery" where the puppies and mamas are all part of the family. Edinburg, TX 2/15/11

She's doing great!!!  Full of spunk, and the smartest puppy ever.  She does not like wearing her clothes....  So we compromise and she doesn't wear them very much. Thank you for the best ever chihuahua.  Hope you are doing well.  She is well under 2 lbs but she's small we had already decided our next puppy was coming from you.  Hope everything else is going well.  Thank you again for Olivia.  We love her!!!!

BETH 2/01/11


Ghita the previous( Versace) ,
Wants you to know she is very healthy and very well mannered too .
I love this little girl she is a well tempered dog and a so sweet and also intelligent.
Thank you Sandra 
Margherita 10/24/10

Hi Sandra! 7/17/10
 Just a three year update on my lil Diva Lolita.  Glad to see that you business appears to be going strong. 
Diva is doing wonderful…a bit chunkier and bigger than we thought she would be ( think that has a lot to do with the “fixing;, however she is still smaller than my “regular size” Chihuahua. 
Yes, my Pepe is still alive (14.5 years).  On lots of heart medication, but still attempts to keep up with the Diva. 
 We were just talking about you and your business this past weekend, which prompted me to send you this short note.  We are so appreciative of the socialization you gave Diva.  I can’t tell you how much that helps.  Diva views all that walk in the door as a friend (if mom and dad approve), but still is territory sensitive (like all Chihuahuas).  Since we like to entertain with friends, this was important.  Diva needs to be the center of attention, after the green light shines.   
So three years later, she is still the “clown” she was in her litter.  She has a special toy, which is a “fox” squeaky toy from Publix (she doesn’t know it but we are on our 5th fox J ).  We throw it and she finds it and makes it squeak for minutes).  She has been an easy to train dog.  Sit, Stay, Down, Up, Go get it…are her specialties, and most of the time the reward is a rollover so she can get a belly rub.  I lost my job a little over a year ago, and have been working as a virtual assistant since, so I have been home and spend many hours on the computer.  She is now my partner in crime, as she has to sit on my lap while I am working.  If not on my lap, she is on a pillow that is hers only to me.  Remember her name is…Diva (and it suits her well).
 I am sending an updated picture for you to see. 
 By the way, no problems with hair loss, since the first episode!  Vet said it was probably caused from stress.   Guess she is just spoiled and happy. Hooray!
Tamara Pierson

Here's Crystal and Pixie ready for the beach....she's such a wonderful friend to my baby girl! It's hard to believe a year and a half has already past since we brought her home....she has stayed so tiny that we take her everywhere and people don't even know she's with us! We will keep sending updated pictures for you to see....bye for now!

Hello Sandra!,

I just wanted to update you with some pictures of Bella! I can not believe she is 3 years old already. I attached some pictures of her birthday bone we celebrated on May 7th! Along with some pictures from Christmas and St. Patrick's day. She got some green bones on that day! (= I can't thank you enough for her she is the best dog that I have ever had, you are an excellent breeder! I hope all is well with you and your family and your daughter is in my thoughts.
Thanks again,
Nicole Beilman

Good morning!  5/9/2010
Lola Chiquita had a wonderful first night in her new home.  My Daughter's chihuahua puppy, Luna, loves her new play mate! They are getting a long great.  I must say... I have never seen such a tiny puppy!  She has stolen my husband's heart.... mine too!  I knew she was going to be small but I was stunned when we picked her up at the airport!  People gathered around to see her and two women pulled out their cell phones to take pictures!  I can tell she came from a loving home... she is calm and not afraid....  She is a precious  and beautiful puppy.  The pink crate, blanket and heart pillow is so cute... You have a very special way presenting your puppies!  
RuthAnn Campbell NORTHWOOD, NH
This is the best Mother's Day! 
I will send pictures soon....  Thank you so much!  


Hello Sandra, 
I am writing to let you know our tiny lady made it to Portland without a hitch, (except her flight came in late.)  She is way more beautiful than her pictures show her to be.  We are in love and she is fantastic. Happy, healthy, energetic, and spunky to the teeth.  I am so blessed to have here and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful puppy.  She is more than I hoped for and then a lot more on top of that.  Please send me your business cards as I know people will want a pup from you when they see this little beauty.  She is just wonderful.  Thank you again so much.
God Bless you for all you do. The added touch of blankets and pillow were very helpful for her.  When I first met her she looked at me as if to say  hi there, I am ready to go home now.  Like she was mine all along.  What a little darling.
Have the happiest mothers day ever, know I am as well.
Most sincerely,
Deone Yurchenko 5/09/2010 Kennewick, WA


Hey Sandra!
 Ella is amazing! From the moment I saw that pink kennel, my eyes teared up! I have been watching her grow since she was 1 week. Your pictures every week have been so great! She is the most beautiful baby! She has been sleeping pretty frequently, so we have given her space. She is just so precious! Thank you for such a wonderful experience! I will keep you posted on how she does with lead and show training! Thanks again for all your patience!
Melissa & Ella 4/26/2010 Hoauma, LA

Good Morning Sra. Sandra,  1/03/2010
      Back in July the 18th 2009 we had the pleasure of meeting "Leah" (original name Chikapea). My husband and I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt one of your beautiful puppies. We welcomed her our new addition to the family with open arms. She has adapted very well on to our home and family...not to say that our son Beethoven who is a 7 yr old applehead as well wasn’t to happy. He got used to the idea that he would no longer be the only pet few month's later. Our pets are inside dogs, they sleep with us every night and our backyard is dog heaven. Leah just recently had her last shot and will not be seen by the Dr. till she turns 1 which is on May the 5th.
    Leah is her own little character she walks like horse and when we get after her she talks back (barks or makes these weird sounds). Oh, and she’s not allowed in the front yard...
1. We don’t have a front fence
2. If we let her loose it takes about two of us and fifteen minutes to get a hold of her
   We just wanted to give you and update on her and to let you know that we make wonderful pet owners. I have attached some pictures of Leah just so you have and idea of how she looks like almost six months later. Once again thank you very,very much.
    Juan, Alma, Beethoven & Leah Escobedo


I was just letting you know how happy I am with little Sparkal. She is so happy and cheerful. Some people say chihuahua's have a mean personality but not her, she is so sweet natured and loving. She is doing great and was checking out the home in no time. She went and to the vet and got her 3 month shots and she did very well. They love her. She even had two play dates already with another chihuahua and she did great! I am so pleased that in the future I may have to get her a sister from you. Thank you so much for all your pictures you sent me and the great communication you had with me. Sending so pictures very soon!
Love 12/11/09
Monica and Sparkal
Sulphur Springs Tx


Mona and Taco Bell In North Carolina with Betsy

The puppies are doing great. Mona is beauitul and her and Cab now play together like they never missed a beat. They are adorable together. I will sent some pics soon. You are a awesome breeder and will reccommend you to anyone. 
Betsy  11/07/2009 North Carolina


I purchased a puppy from Sandra about a week and a half ago. I had the privilege of going to her home and picking my puppy up personally, so I was able to see the loving environment that these puppies and their mothers are kept in. The indoor conditions were very clean and all of the animals looked well cared for and loved. Now for the important part.... I absolutely love my little chihuahua puppy. She is gorgeous and good-tempered. My vet was very impressed with her as well. The first time I took her for a walk, my husband said she looked like a little show dog with her head and tail held high and her high prancing little steps. She had no trouble at all getting used to the leash. I would highly recommend this breeder to any of my friends and family. 
Melanie Wills Edinburg, TX  11/05/2009


Hi Sandra, 8/7/09

How are you? Just wanted to update you on how Chowder (Pugsly) is doing and also to thank you.
When we first got home, he was a little shy. But he adjusted very well and very quickly.
He's a very playful puppy.  It's never ever a dull moment with him. His favorite activity is to dash around the couch 3 or 4 times until he stops to catch his breath and then he's at it again. We have a Spider-man doll that he likes to wrestle with.  I sent you one of the pictures. He also likes to chase his tail.  When he meets new people, he's very social. He's made a couple of doggie friends in our apartment complex.  He's eating very good too and his check-ups have been good.

My husband left for Iraq the end of June so he has been a great companion for Jocelyn and helping her cope.  Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives.  They are my two kids.

Thank you,

LaToya Zamarron



I am so sorry it took this long for me to send these pictures. They are so hard to keep still. We love them all. They are all healthy and happy( i must add that they are spoiled). My husband keeps looking on your web site.....he wants more! I had to draw the line though. lol I want to thank you again for our four little blessings.
Toni Klein 8/07/2009 NEW YORK



Sandra and family: 08/04/2009
Thank you SO much for working with us and our new babies.  We LOVE THEM, and they are fitting in quite nicely here in Cuero! 
 ChaCha, the blonde/fawn, was nervous in the car, but she has settled in nicely at home.  ChiChi is very sociable and is definately the alpha dog!  They both checked out fine at the vet Monday morning, and all is well!  They play with each other and tear through the AC part of the house.  We love them, and will provide a great home.  My son and I took them to the courthouse (where I work) because everyone wanted to meet them.  They were quite the hit! 
Thanks again for providing us with the joy that only puppies can bring!
The Lassmann's - Rob, Sandy and Chris



I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Minnie (aka Coco) and Pixie they are the best. We take them with us all the time. They love to see new people. When we go to Pet Smart their little tails don't stop wagging lol, and boy does Pixie get a lot of attention because of being so tiny. I have recommended some people to you that were looking for puppies. We are just so pleased with the two of them. Again thanks for letting us have two of the most wonderful puppies. If we ever decided to get another puppy you would be the one we would go to.
                                                     Thanks again
                                                          Debbie Baker 6/27/2009
                                                              from N.Y.

I know you probably hear this alot, but it's really amazing how wonderful my little Pixie is.  She has an awesome personality, she gives sweet little kisses, loves to play, and she is a wonderful nap buddy (any time you want to take a nap, she is ready to cuddle and snooze with you).  We take her everywhere we go, I even take her to work at least once a week. I will be attaching an updated picture of her that I took while she was at work with me.
If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have our little Pixie....Thanks!
Linda Cortez  6/18/09 MISSION, TX

I just wanted to say how beautiful your dogs are. I had a long haired Chihuahua for 15 years. She died in my arms 3 years ago. I have never been able to come up with enough money to get another but I do love to look at the sites of people that post their pictures of their fur babies. I check out this site ever so often and have it book marked.Keep up the fantastic work you do with them.You have no idea how it makes someone like me feel to be able to go look at them.
Donna Porter
Newfoundland Canada 6/2/09

You have a really cool looking website,  whomever designed did a great job,  your site is informative, with a fantastic design and layout and easy to navigate.  Your website was originally brought to our attention by someone who recommended it for an award.  After viewing it ourselves firsthand we would have to agree and would be pleased to offer your website an award,  4/26/2009

thanks so much,  Robert


Hi Sandra. I thought I would write and let you know how Marli is coming along. She is well adjusted now. She has a sweet and playful personality. She is very social and loves everybody. I have her almost completely housetrained. She is very smart and picked up on going outside to potty very quickly. My 15 year old dachshund has accepted her very well. They play together every day, sleep together, and even sometimes share the same food dish! ( which I never thought would happen because Doodle doesn't share food ). Marli goes camping and on road trips with us and seems to enjoy herself where-ever we are. She is much loved and a joyful addition to our life. I recommend you to everyone who asks about her.                     Sincerely,  Donna Daugherty


Hi Sandra,
Just wanted to send you this of Kobe and Pete playing in the back yard.
They get along great. Their temperments are wonderful. Kobe is really
growing and runs around here like he owns the place. He is just too cute.
And they both came to me from you potty trained! How great is that.
You do a fantastic job with your pups. Thanks so much for such great pets!
Linda PENSACOLA, FL 2/25/09
Crystal and Pixie

Hi Sandra!
Here is Pixie and Crystal watching TV after school today, and then there is one with Pixie chilling out on Crystal's bed. 
We love Pixie so much and can't believe how well she has acclimated to all of us. She didn't cry once last nigh, and she is completely potty trained for the pad! I was really amazed that she had no problems going right to it.   She is eating and drinking well and loves to give sweet little kisses. We feel very blessed that she is in our family now. Thanks for everything!
Linda Cortez  Mission, Texas 1/20/2009

Belton, TX
Here are some photos of our Bradley! He has been such a sweet puppy and he keeps us very entertained. My husband leaves for Iraq in about two weeks and I know that Bradley has already lightened the mood and has been a great joy to Ryen. Thanks for everything.
Jennifer Schweigert 1/18/09 Belton, TX


Santa Clarita, CA
Hi Sandra, 12/22/2008 
 I'm sure that you received our message yesterday.  We finally got Evva (now lovingly referred to as "Tika" by our daughter).  We arrived at the airport cargo to find the tiniest pink crate.  When the attendant placed the crate on the counter for me to peek inside, I immediately started "tearing" up as I saw how tiny and precious she was.  She came right up to the door (which was still "ziplocked") and was kissing me and wagging her tail.  When I took her out she just climbed up to my neck as close as she could and snuggled.  My heart melted!  We brought her home to surprise our daughter Britten for Christmas.  Iv'e never seen our daughter so surprised and with a bigger smile.  Britten is wonderful with Tika.  Tika's first night was better than I would have expected.  She was such a good girl.  Did not cry.  Went right to sleep and slept from 10:30 p.m to 7:00 a.m (when Britten couln't stand it any longer and wanted to see her).  Tika only woke up (whined a bit) around 4:00 a.m and I was up with her for just a bit for a potty/poopy break and then right back to bed (no whimpering at all!).  She is really a dream and fits our family so well.  Loves to curl up in our lap or over our heart and fall asleep.  She is so happy and loves to play! (already has a favorite toy). 
Just wanted to let you know that everything is going great so far and that we are looking forward to Christmas with our new little one...  I'll have Michael download some photos to e-mail you.  Thanks again for everything.  She's perfect!
Happy Holidays,
Stacy, Michael, Britten and Tika
Liverpool,  NY

We had to go back to the vet today. Delores had blood in her stool. The vet said she has diarreha and the blood is the result of that. Just the stress of her new home. Other than that all is well. She loves us so much. She is so cuddly. She gets along great with my dogs. Last couple days not pooping on the pad any more but I think its because of the diarreha. We also put her back on the food that you suggested so that is probably also why the bowl problems. We are letting all of our friends know how happy we are with your business.  Hopefully will be sending you more business.
Thanks Bonnie Liverpool, NY 12/18/2008

Hi Sandra!  12/14/2008
Happy mid-Holidays!  I just wanted to let you know how Beamer was doing.  He has brought so much joy to our family and all our relatives loved him when they met him this Holiday season.  Everyone is so amazed how we got him the end of October and how well trained he is.  This puppy is so smart it's unbelievable sometimes!  My husband was skeptical about a small puppy yapping on ceramic floors and Beamer has barked like 5 times since we've got him.  We are amazed when we do hear a little yap come out of him!  He is a sholder dog when we are on the couch.  Always on my husband's sholder.  He openes his little door when he needs to go pee or poop, havent had an accident in weeks.  LOVES kids left and right!  As we speak my daughter and I are writing a letter to Santa for him since he has been the best little prince in the world.  He is even a local celebrity!  I promote for our rock station and he is constatnly talked about on the radio and some pics of him and I are shared on their website.  We love him so much and can not even begin to tell you want an angel you are to bring him to us safely.  I will send pics of our holidays and the Santa pics we will soon take!  But here are three I got this week!  Hope all is well and Happy Holidays!
~Yvonne, Edward, Myra & Beamer Gutierrez!


Princess (renamed Lola), arrived in Boston, in wonderful condition after a 4-6 hr flight.  She tolerated the flight with little discomfort or anxiety.  She is now almost 5 mos old and weighs about 3 lbs and is very well adjusted and socialable.  You can tell she was handled and home raised from the time she was born .She is adored by everyone who meets her. She gets along well with my 2 Siamese cats and shares her bed with the 1 yr old PingPing.  She epitomizes "puppy love "and is very affectionate. She likes other dogs as well.  She patiently waits in the kitchen for me to return from work every day and has no separation anxiety.

Having just become familiar with Chi's, I suggest you consider what the final adult weight will be.  Lola should finally weigh in at 5 lbs according to my vet .The AKC standard is 1-6 lbs.  The bigger ones are more hardy and less fragile .I joined a Chihuahua club ( and we meet monthly with our chi's who vary in size, shape and color.  It's really fun.If I get another Chi in the future I would definitely get it from Sandra who I have found to be a sincere and reputable breeder.


Carolyn Stanger 12/04/2008


Hey there, i just wanted to send you some pics of Beamer.  He really has been such a great impact in our family.  He is so easy to train.  Already peeing and pooping on his wee wee pad all on his own.  Sleeps through the night and goes to his bed by 11pm.  I have never loved a dog so much.  Never have I had such good luck like this before.  Thank you for being the person you are and trusting us to give little Beamer a wonderful home.  We love him so much. 
How is everything in your end.  How is Joleen doing?  Is your daughter safe in your arms at home for the holidays?  I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving,  we know our holidays will be so great with our little Beamer!!
<3 Yvonne, Myra, Edward and Beamer! San Antonio, TX 11/20/2008



Hi Sandra, we are really enjoing our new baby Barbie she is getting 
spoild by all her new family members we are really happy with her, she 
is a wonderful and well behaved puppy. She is so human very obedient 
she is being a good example to my kids. She is exactly what I prayed 
for before going out to look for her she has gone  from a loving 
family into another.

Thank you!
Cynthia Salinas  11/09/08

Ps. If you can please email me Barbies picture. Thanks
Sent from my iPhone

Dear Sandra,

Princess, who I have renamed Lola and affectionately Lolita ,is awesome.  She is adored by everyone I introduce her to.  My dog lover friends have helped me greatly to welcome the new baby to my home.  She is holding her own with my very curious 1 yr old Siamese cat named PingPing and shows very little fear ( they were fighting over a toy yesterday) .  I took her to the vet yesterday and he was very impressed. 

I will keep you posted. I was looking at your website again.   You have the most beautiful family.  As you know I am a nurse practitioner at the Boston VA Medical Center .  I am very impressed by your daughter Jackie as well as all the veterans I care for. 

Carolyn from Medfield, MA 10/21/2008


hi sandra, Tinker Bell / Bailey its doing great, i went check her in my daughter`s room at 2 am and she cried for 2 min and went back to 6 40 am we picked her she was so excited, she gave us lots of kisses...she loves taking a nap in my daughters lap while she watchs tv...i bought her so many clothes cause here is a little chilli now, but the xxsmall are coming off by itself, so the only thing that worked was that a cut one of my daughter socks and put on her, but i have no words to thank you, she is much more than we expected..
Cristiany & family from Danbury,CT 10/19/08

Pembroke Pines, Florida
Thanks very much Sandra;
Dear Sandra:
I want to say thank you for all you have done for us in getting our two babies, Count and Chance.
Even though I was a little leery about using the Internet in purchasing puppies I really did not like what was being offered locally here in Ft. Lauderdale.
I was really drawn to Sandra's website because by carefully reading through the site it was immediately apparent to me the great thoughtfulness and honesty Sandra projects in describing her puppies and the love she provides for them. 
My inituation told me after looking at countless other sites Fairytail Puppies was the one for me. Even though I changed my mind several times on acquiring just the right two puppies for us Sandra remained always extremely patient and considerate!
I got Count and chance, two male chihuahua puppies exactly as Sandra had promised.
Both puppies arrived on October 10th and have outstanding temperments, they are truly loving, playful, delightful puppies to have as part of our Family. The Vet check showed them to be in excellent health, good eaters and worm free. I cannot say the same from other breeders I have had with a poodle we owned that came full of worms!
I highly recommend Sandra to anyone wanting to own a healthy, happy, well adjusted puppy or puppies and who is rare in this world as being impeccably honest and forthright.
Thank you Sandra for exceeding our expectations!!
G-d bless .
Take care,
David From-Pembroke Pines, Florida
October 16,2008
HI Sandra         10/07/08
We're doing fine.  Pepito had a big lump reaction to his rabies shot,
so they had to shave the spot and lance it, but its all better now
except for the bald spot.  He has been Neutered. 
We're doing fine traveling weekends in the motorhome.
Take Care
Chris Feik
Pic was taken today.   He just got back from the groomers and has
his halloween scarf on.

My brother and his girlfriend recently purchased a chihuahua from you a few months ago. I liked the little guy so much I'm interested in purchasing his sibling, if available. Would you happen to have another litter coming soon? Thanks!! Well the puppy's name is/was Peanut, a long-haired chihuahua, but he was renamed Fudge. My brother and his girlfriend, like myself, are from Philadelphia, PA. I'm currently stationed in El Paso though, at the Army base here. I went home last weekend and thought he was the most adorable, mild-tempered little chihuahua I'd come across. 

  Xiomara Ricardo  El Paso,  TX  9/09/2008

Dear Sandra, 9/03/08

As you know, I purchased "Cosmo" from you (born 2/16/08) and he came to me on July 11th.  He's the BEST puppy in the world and we're having a great time together!  He's loving the city, has made tons of friends, has such a sweet and friendly disposition, is the perfect lap dog and is already 100% house trained.  I really couldn't be happier (pics from our trip to the beach, below - he buried his paws in the sand and took a long nap).  FYI, at almost 7 months old, he's weighing in at 4 lbs 14 oz. and my vet says he's probably full grown.  I thought you might want to know that for your records.  He's so, so cute. 

Thanks so much, Julie


Hi Sandra 8/29/08
Just Saying Hello.  Pepitos doing Great.  He will get his last set of shots
tomorrow. We're a little late as he had an ear infection and was on meds
for a couple of weeks.
He seems pretty happy and is really smart. I recommend you as a breeder
to everybody.
Chris Feik from California

Name: Silvia Grimm   
Date: 08/16/08 
Message: ....................(¯`°v°´¯) (_.^._) Hello, we just visited your great Website again, good luck from Germany, Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.

Name: Nana    
Date: 08/18/08
Message: Hello, very nice Page! Kisses from Switzerland! NaHaCha



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