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Warranty Contract

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Fairytailpuppies Warranty Information

  1. Breeder guarantees that the above-described dog/puppy is a purebred Pug.  


  1. Breeder guarantees this dog/puppy is in good health at the time of purchase. NOT cover allergies that the buyer or buyer's family will encounter or may have.


  1. Breeder cannot guarantee adult size, color or trainability. Breeder will not refund any money in case of change of mind (due to changing your mind in buying the puppy after buyer has paid deposit for any reason buyer may encounter)


  1. Breeder assumes no responsibility for veterinary or any other expenses incurred once said dog/puppy leaves breeder's possession.  All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer and are Non-Refundable.


  1. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the above-described dog/puppy upon possession.


  1. Buyer shall have this dog/puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within (48 hours) of purchase to validate this health guarantee and to insure that the dog/puppy is in good health and to follow up on all necessary immunizations.  


  1. Buyer may exchange dog/puppy for another dog/puppy of equal value if the above dog/puppy is proven to be unhealthy or defective.  A signed statement by the examining veterinarian must accompany the return of the dog/puppy. Fairytailpuppies does not guarantee against Parvo, Corona Virus or any type of intestinal viruses including Coccidiosis once puppy leaves breeder's possession.   


  1. All deposits are to insure that you get the puppy or your choice and are Non-Refundable.

  1. Breeder does not guarantee against Alopecia (Skin Problem chihuahuas only as we do produce blue color)

10.We will give NO refunds just because you change your mind, no longer want, found elsewhere, etc.!   NOTE:  Should you ask us to resell your puppy due some unforeseen circumstances we will charge you (the current buyer) a 25% seller’s fee, minus the deposit amount, and ONLY if the puppy is still at our home.  We will send back your money you have paid on this puppy only after we have resold it and the new owner has paid for the puppy in full.  NO CASH REFUNDS by sending us a deposit or payment for the puppy of your choice is like signing this contract as require you read this contract before sending payment.

Every effort is made by Fairytailpuppies to insure that the puppy is delivered in a healthy and sound condition. The cost of the puppy does NOT include shipping costs or fees incurred when making the payment for the puppy and/or shipping.


The purchase of ANY and ALL puppies is subject to the following terms and conditions.


Health/ Replacement: All puppies sold will come with current and deworming. A shot history is included with each puppy. No puppy will be replaced, that fails to have the proper veterinary care. All puppies must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of puppy arrival. A copy of the exam (NOT THE BILL) must be mailed or faxed to the seller within 24 hours of vet exam for any guarantee to be valid. Guarantee starts the date puppy was purchased.


CONGENITAL DEFECTS: If your puppy develops a condition that dates back to the fetal stage and this condition would severely impact the quality of life short of euthanasia; you will receive a replacement puppy. These conditions are listed and limited to HEART, KIDNEY AND LUNGS ONLY from the date of puppies' birth. No other conditions are covered in this contract. We warranty that this puppy will not have lung, kidney or heart problems and this contract is limited to these three defects and includes or covers nothing else.




DEATH: In-case of death, a necropsy stating the cause of death would be required before a replacement puppy. No money is ever refunded for any reason or for any illness. No replacement can be made until registration papers are returned and micro-chip information or a necropsy stating that the puppies had heart, kidney or lungs problems. If you are purchasing your puppy for breeding purposes, please note the breeder only warranty the purchase of your pet for one full year from date of purchase. All puppies purchased as companion pets are to be spayed or neutered by one year of age.


  This contract is for the person purchasing the puppy. It is null and VOID if transferred to another person. In the event that this guarantee is exercised it would be subject to the availability of another litter as we will not over breed our girls for any reason. It could take up to one full year from the date we are notified through a letter from a licensed vet to include the required tests explaining and proving the medical problem and defining them as a direct genetic link to our breeding program for heart, kidney, and liver only. You will receive a replacement puppy of equal value from next available litter only. The replacement will be up to the discretion of the breeder (breeder choice), If the same sex of puppy is not available then if agreeable to both parties, breeder may replace said puppy with the opposite sex puppy of equal value, however if not agreeable to both parties, then buyer must wait for the first available same gender puppy to be born for their replacement. (Replacements must be taken from next available litter, choosing not to will forfeit all monies paid and guarantee signed by both parties)


  1. We do not warranty nor guarantee adult size, color, and temperament. Nor does Fairytailpuppies guarantee fitness for breeding. The new owner agrees that Fairytailpuppies is not responsible for any or all vet or medical bills or any financial bills incurred by this said puppy immediately on the date the puppy is in the new owners care and from that date forward.


  1. Hernias: All Hernia repairs do not warrant replacement puppy as it is not life threatening and in no way interferes with quality of life of the puppy.


  1. All puppies MUST visit a licensed veterinarian on a regular basis, determined by the vet and up to date shots at all times.


  1. In the event a puppy should not be healthy or fit for placement while still in our care, the buyer the has the option of choosing another puppy if available or rolling any monies paid on to any upcoming litters. No monies are refunded but rather a replacement puppy will be given of equal value.


After extensive research with different type of vitamins we have decided that NUVET health supplements is the best supplement choice for all our puppies and adult dogs. With the daily use of NUVET and yearly vet visits for proper vaccinations, your puppy will live a much healthier and longer life. We are so serious about this supplement regimen that we have now added to all our health guarantees.

Fairytailpuppies reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


Seller/Breeder’s Signature __________________________________________________

Buyer’s Signature               ________________________________Date:______________

Buyer’s acceptance of any animal agrees that this transaction was consummated within the state of Texas and consents to the application of all Texas laws and to the jurisdiction of Texas courts. Should a dispute arise out of this transaction, buyer further agrees that should he or she default in any obligation of this agreement, he or she shall be responsible for all attorney fees and court costs involved in the prosecution of this action. Acceptance constitutes an agreement to pay the above listed price and totals within agreed terms.

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