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Purchasing a Puppy: I require a deposit , which can be made express mail a postal money.
 The balance must be paid prior to the puppy being eight weeks of age and before it is shipped. If I do not receive your deposit within four days after making your selection I will consider the puppy available for sale. All deposits are non refundable.

If you would like to wait longer on a puppy I do have a payment plan available. When the puppy is two weeks old, you can begin making payments until he or she is ready for their new home at eight to twelve weeks of age. The puppy must be paid for in full one week prior to shipping.

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Fairytailpuppies Warranty

For Faster Service Please Email me At:

 TEXT TO 956-607-8688


  1. FAIRYTAILPUPPIES NOW REQUIRES OF ALBON BE GIVEN. Coccidia can develop, coccidia is a parasite that can dwell in the intestines, most of the time it comes from the mother, the puppy may not shed coccidian until after it arrives because it is usually brought out through stress. This parasite is not deadly at all but can cause irritation to the puppies intestine wall, resulting in diarrhea. Coccidia can consume a 2lb dog in less than 24 hours resulting in heavy vomiting, coccidia is easily prevented with albon. As a preventative we give the puppy 1/2 CC of Albon daily until the puppy flies out. We ask you to visit with your vet and get 7 CC of Albon as preventative; this will last for 14 days and should be of great assistance to the puppy.
  2. Giardia can develop; geardia like coccidia is a parasite that acts in the same way. Just like coccidia we treat Giardia as well with 5 days of panicur before the puppy flies out, we ask you to get an additional 5 days of panicur from your vet to again assist in helping your puppy make the adjustment. (both panicur and Albon are cheap and should not cost you much at all but will really help your puppy adjust well)
  3. On any puppies less than 3lbs we recommend NOT getting any puppy vaccinations until they have adjusted to the new atmosphere and are eating well. DO NOT VACCINATE the puppy until at least 2 weeks after arrival!!!
  4. LOW BLOOD SUGAR can develop!!! ALL puppies are eating Royal Canin dry puppy food for small breed dogs before they fly out, as well as they must have a 100% solid stool!!! Most of the time due to the stress of the move the puppies will not eat the hard food so you must have the following items to help them "start their engine" try the following items in the order listed below. If the dog goes more than six hours after arrival without eating you will need to take it to the vet to have a sugar IV which is very expensive, so please spend the $20 to purchase the items listed below!!! Also it is a good idea to purchase NUTRICAL for chihuahuas only as pugs never go through any sugar issues, it is a calorie substitute that also boost sugar.
    • Caesars Pink label puppy food
    • Danon Activia Yogurt
    • Nutri-Cal
    • Rotisserie chicken

In conclusion please let the dog rest, the dog will most likely get excited and run around and seem healthy as can be the first day, but they forget to eat when they are so excited, usually day two is when they crash and that is when you are in trouble, once they are eating well and seem to be adjusted then you can take them out and show them to all your friends, but PLEASE LET THEM GET ADJUSTED before you do anything to crazy with them. If you have children try and keep them away from the pup until it is well adjusted to the new atmosphere!!


Click on the pictureto go to our vitamin page!

Please note that NuVet Plus supplements are required as part of your pet’s Health Guarantee.

INCLUDE all your information & make sure you give all contact phone numbers (cell phone) & a valid email so we can send you the receipt & flight information with tracking number. Once purchased, we will contact you to thank you for your order & let you know which days puppies are flying this particular week. We will book your puppy on the best possible flight & email you all the information along with a tracking number so you know exactly where your puppy is at all times! The puppies fly on CONTINENTAL Airlines. We pay extra for the V.I.P. treatment so your puppy arrives in style. We give your name & cell phone number to the airlines, so bring your I.D. & cell phone with you to the airport.


Placing my pet puppies with limited registration/spay & neuter contract makes my puppies less appealing to puppy mills and other irresponsible owners that might breed their dog without thought to breed type, health or temperament.  I work very hard and have spent years trying to ensure that the puppies I produce are happy, healthy, quality examples of the BREED.  It only makes sense that I would take any and all necessary steps to ensure that someone else doesn't use one of my dogs to produce inferior animals.  (You must keep in mind that each parent provides 50% of the genetic material for each puppy.  No matter how well-bred one parent is, if the other parent carries serious health or structural faults, the puppies produced from breeding these 2 animals would not only be at risk for inheriting and exhibiting the faults of the poorly bred parent, but even those that didn't exhibit the faults of the inferior parent would carry those defective genes and could pass them to subsequent  generations.)

Which leads to my next reason for using limited registration/spay & neuter contract when selling my puppies.  Limited registration/spay & neuter contract helps prevent ANY irresponsible breeder from using one of my puppies in a breeding program that does not do appropriate health testing and in which improving the breed is not the purpose of their involvement with the breed.  This includes puppy mill owners and others that want to supplement their income with puppy sales or just want the kids to see a "life experience".   While back-yard breeders and pet owners that produce 1 or 2 litters may not neglect or abuse their dogs as often as puppy mills, most of these "breeders" are not responsible in their breeding practices.

Please don't misunderstand me here - I do not believe that show people are the only ones that should be allowed to breed their dogs.  I believe that anyone should have the right to breed their dog but that they should not do so without appropriate health testing for the breed, without considerable knowledge of the health risks known to affect that particular breed and a sound, working knowledge of the breed standard.  This is the minimum foundation of knowledge from which each breeding should be planned and executed.   Additionally, I feel that all breeders should have some basic veterinary skills to allow them to identify and deal with breeding, whelping and puppy care emergencies and I also believe that anyone that breeds their dogs must:

  1. Be willing to accept responsibility for each puppy for its lifetime in case the new owner cannot keep it.
  2. Have a solid foundation of information on animal care and husbandry so that they will be able to help new owners with training, care and upkeep of the puppy they purchase.
  3. Be discriminating in their placement of the puppies they produce.  In other words, all puppies should be placed with limited registration on spay and neuter contracts unless the breeder is absolutely positive that the new owner shares the same sense of responsibility and commitment to a responsible breeding philosophy as the litter owner. 
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